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Independent Electrical Contractors of Lubbock
This is one of the main benefits of the IEC. The four year school will make an electrician out of any apprentice. Well-trained apprentices will benefit your company in numerous ways and the investment your company makes for this training will be returned many times over. Any member of IEC Lubbock can tell you the advantages of our training because most of our contractor members have attended and graduated our school. We have sign-ups one time per year and school starts in early September. 
IEC of Lubbock offers continuing education for Journeyman, Master, and Apprentice Electricians. We start classes in early February through March or April depending on the needs of our members. Anyone is welcome at these classes whether they are IEC members or not. Every contractor member receives 1 free class. For dates, click here...
Contractor members and their employees have many types of training available to them through IEC of Lubbock. Our local quarterly membership meetings include a presentation from a knowledgeable electrical trade professional about a relevant area of our industry. We meet at various venues four times a year for lunch and each member receives 2 free meals. Other non-member contractors are welcome also!
The IEC National website offers many, many educational opportunities. Some are free, some are not but any electrician can learn about a wide range of topics here. 

The yearly National IEC Convention is one of the best learning tools there is. It is usually held in the latter part of October of each year and there are a wide range of learning opportunities to attend at these conventions. The investment a contractor makes to attend these conventions will again, be returned many times over in the things learned about running a business, how to handle employees, products knowledge as well as background for experiences in the future. Interaction with other contractors nation wide is a priceless benefit. When contractors that are not competing with each other talk, they can share information that would not ordinarily be talked about. Find out about national forum groups that are formed at the national convention. 
IEC of Lubbock contractors enjoy networking, communicating, interacting and labor sharing. This builds great relationships that are not found among IEC non members. The cooperation that goes on between members is another priceless and valuable benefit. There is a lot we learn from each other at meetings.
Websites are an important tool for all contractors today. Starting at the National IEC website down to the IEC of Texas website and the IEC of Lubbock website, potential customers will find your company and learn more about you. This is a great marketing tool and a free benefit of the IEC.
IEC associate members are a benefit and a great tool for members. Their membership in the IEC plays a major role in the success of the IEC. They provide:
  • strong relationships with contract members
  • monetary support at all or most events and fundraisers
Many benefits come from being part of Lubbock IEC. Oulined below are benefits ranging from services to educational related information for various roles in the electrical trade. To find information, click the topic listed below and it will take you to more information.