The voice for the electrical contracting industry in Lubbock.
Six independent contractors came together April 24, 1978 to conduct apprentice training and IEC of Lubbock was created. Many of the original contractors are still involved with IEC of Lubbock and/or serve on the Board of Directors. The IEC prides itself on its community involvement as well as serving our region's local charities.

Currently, there are 16 contractor members and 16 associate members in IEC of Lubbock. An objective is to grow IEC of Lubbock so that the brain trust associated with IEC of Lubbock provides distinction and quality for the electricians in the West Texas region. People who are interested in becoming a journeyman electrician are helped with IEC of Lubbock with not only the formal education of the trade, but also having a resource of experience to pull from due to the experience of the members and associated members associated with IEC.

By becoming a member or student of Lubbock IEC, you will collaborate with skilled and educated leadership that is knowledgeable in the current electrical code, safety, and other comprehensive training practices. This will also benefit the community by building community pride as well as community trust when calling on the skills of the IEC of Lubbock's members and students. The safety classes taught at IEC of Lubbock will help members build a reputation as a qualified and safe professional. See more on our benefits page.

Deciding to join IEC of Lubbock means that you are choosing to interact with a business partner as well as build a network with the electrical industry. You will benefit from the association's expertise and valuable resources created with the membership and associated members. See our member list.

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Independent Electrical Contractors of Lubbock
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